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Founded in London in 2000 by founders Seb Bishop, Daniel Ishag and David Ishag, Espotting was Europe’s first search marketing ad network, powering paid search results for thousands of sites including Yahoo! Europe, Lycos Europe, Alta Vista and...

Founded in 2000
Employees: 250

Updated on Dec 19, 2012
Espotting at CrunchBase
Tony Samios Client Services Director
Satish Jindal
Max Moore Business Development Director
Seb Bishop Founder
David Ishag Founder
Daniel Ishag Founder
Chrysi Philalithes European Marketing Director
Alain Sanjaume Managing Director France
James Burrows Editorial Director
Dominique Loumaye Director of Sales and Business Development - Spain
Andrew Kempe Senior Developer

June, 2004

Espotting was acquired by MIVA
for $171.6M


Espotting was founded in 2000