Telecom services and technology provider

Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators. Ericsson is the leader in 2G, 3G and 4G mobile technologies, and provides support for networks with over 2 billion subscribers and has the leading...

Founded in 1876
Employees: 80,000


Torshamnsgatan 23

Updated on Jan 10, 2014
Ericsson at CrunchBase
Bo Hedfors CTO
Sridhar Ramachandran CTO
Ajit Bhatia Vice President
Yngve Löfstrand Contractor
Mohit Kumar Engineer
Patrick Payne Director of Mobile Internet
Ruben Teijeiro Lead Drupal Front-end Developer
Tomas Isaksson senior leadership positions
Shane O'Leary Sales Manager
Maria Richardsson Assistant
Steve Rothwell Software engineer
Dean Allen Member, Industry Advisory Board
Daniel Collins
Eoin Heaney
Colin Foy Principal Architect
Mike Shapiro Software Developer
Tikue Anazodo Program Manager
Michael Treschow Chairman
Hemant Kanakia Founder / CEO (Torrent Networking Technology)
Carl-Henric Svanberg President & Chief Executive Officer
John F. Bruno CFO (Ericsson IP Infrastructure)
Pekka Nikander Expert & Chief Scientist of Nomadiclab
Torbjörn Nilsson Senior Vice President
Crister Ek VP (Group)
Drew Lanza VP, Marketing / VP, International Development (Raynet)
Tony Fallows Vice-President roles
Daniel Liddle Marketing Vice President, Director and Manager Roles
Brian Rosenberg EVP and GM, AT&T Global Account
Jason Chen Diagnostic Engineer
Torbjorn Folkebrant President Ericsson France SA
hatim bensaid Software Developer
John Dilley Product Engineer
Daniel Ljunggren Product Management
Orkun Atik 3G Research Analyst
Umair Syed Engineer Services III
Marc Hesse Software Engineer II
Kishore Patnam Senior Product Line Manager, LTE/Evolved Packet Core
Mike Fitzgerald Head of Business Unit
Nagib Tharani Senior Systems Consultant
Steve Barto Vice President, Finance and Business Operations, Data Networks
Leonard Donnelly Finance
Ranga Rao Vutukuru Engineering Architect Positions
Cody Bowman Build a Successful Systems Integration Business
Mark Baehr Account Management and Executive Positions
Phil Herget (Torrent Networking Technologies)
Torbjorn Ward
Ulf Stigberg Financial Controller for the Public Networks Operator Unit and as Business Manager and Regional Marketing Manager
Jan Sjonell Management
Rob Cadman Vice President of Worldwide Sales and key Account Management
Björn Smedman Software Development & Entrepreneurship
Elin Bostrom
Lukas Holm Executive and Management Positions
Gene Ong Consultancy, Application Development & Testing & Support (LHS Systems)
Chris Horn Held Various Senior Positions
Patrik Sörqvist IP Telephony unit and Ericsson Research
Scott Marshall Board of Directors (ACC)
Torbjörn Nilsson head of Marketing, Strategy
Davor Dokonal Project Management. Australia
Moritz v. Grotthuss
Mohit Bhatnagar Product Management
hatim bensaid Software Developer Intern
Devon Drennan Head of Marketing & Communications
PETER CARLSSON Sourcing manager
Shyamal Prasad Strategic Solutions Manager
Matt Clinton Staff Software Engineer
John Woelfel Senior Internet Analyst
Torbjorn Moller Senior Manager, Project Office 3G Mobile Systems
Guy Waugh Project Manager ,, Product Manager
Abhijit Shanbhag Management Position
Jim Doherty Various Designation
Robert Hed R&D / Quality Management
Albert Wang Engineer
Simeon Coney Key Accounts Teams
Jordi Vinas Consulting Practice
Joe Ferry Head, Satellite & Wireless Business Unit
Torbjorn Ward Manager for Ericsson’s Radio Systems Management/TDMA Division
Paul Mikkelsen Executive Positions in Marketing and Business
Per Knutsson Technical Management
Tord Wingren Head, Technology Development
Guylain Roy-MacHabee
Alf Eriksson Executive Positions
Mike Julian Leadership, Sales and Sales Management
Claudia Grandjean
Johnny Gray Held Senior Leadership Positions
Torbjörn Curtsson Various Roles
James Byström Strategic Sales and Business Management Positions
Hadar Cars Business Manager, Tokyo

January, 2014

Ericsson invested $3.6M in Adapteva as a Series B round

September, 2012

Ericsson invested $3M in Sand 9 as a Series C round

April, 2012

Ericsson acquired BelAir Networks

Ericsson completes acquisition of BelAir Networks

September, 2011

Ericsson invested $19M in Skorpios Technologies as a Series B round

June, 2011

Ericsson acquired Telcordia Technologies

Ericsson to acquire Telcordia

May, 2005

Ericsson invested $10M in Arantech as a Series B round


Ericsson was founded in 1876