Energy Micro

Energy Micro is a global provider of energy friendly microcontrollers and RF transceivers based on the ARM Cortex processor cores. Consuming a quarter of the energy of competing products, the company’s ultra low power EFM32 Gecko MCUs and...

Founded in 2007
Total money raised: $13M


0484 Sandakerveien 118
P.O. Box 4633


Phone: +47 23 00 98 00

Updated on Jun 10, 2013
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June, 2013

Energy Micro was acquired by Silicon Laboratories
for $170M

Silicon Labs to Acquire Norway's Energy Micro for About $170M

March, 2010

Energy Micro raised $13M in unattributed round from Northzone and Investinor


October, 2009

Launching the world´s most energy friendly microcontroller at ARM Techcon 3

Launching the EFM32

November, 2007

Energy Micro was founded on November, 2007