Automatic Pattern Discovery

Emcien’s automatic pattern discovery software empowers analysts to work faster by surfacing valuable patterns in data of many shapes and sizes. The software eliminates the burden of manual analysis by utilizing our automatic pattern discovery engine...

Founded in 2002
Employees: 50

Atlanta Office

30339 2859 Paces Ferry Road SE
Suite 300


Phone: 404-961-6360

Updated on Aug 20, 2013
Emcien at CrunchBase
Radhika Subramanian CEO
Dr. Roy Marsten Chief Scientist
Russ Caldwell CTO
Robert Gilliam Director of Sales
Dr. David A. Bader Advisory Board Member
Maria Stephens Director of Marketing Operations
Mike Merrill Director of Services
Chris Altman Director of Engineering
Mike Lorey Creative Director
Bob French Director of Sales
Scott Ryan Advanced Business Development
Will Pugh Consulting Technologist

June, 2013

Launched Big Data Mornings, monthly networking series in Atlanta.

Big Data Mornings

April, 2013

Sponsored Big Data Week in Atlanta.

Big Data Week is Coming to Atlanta


Emcien was founded in 2002