Eloqua helps clients dramatically accelerate revenue growth through marketing automation and Revenue Performance Management. The company provides powerful business insight to inform marketing and sales decisions today that drive revenue growth...

Founded in 1999
Total money raised: $35.8M

Corporate Headquarters

22182 1921 Gallows Road


Phone: (416) 864-0440

Updated on Mar 13, 2013
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Don Clark CFO
Alex Shootman Chief Revenue Officer
Steven Woods CTO & Senior VP of Products
Rob Brewster SVP of Business Development
Andre Yee SVP of Product
Bradford D. Woloson Board
Karen Pisha SVP of Professional Services
Neal Dempsey Board
Stephen Swad Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee
Mark Organ Co-founder, CEO
Joseph Payne CEO
Brian Kardon CMO
Paul Teshima SVP Product Management,,, SVP Customer Strategy and Success,,, Sales Manager.
Steve Gershik VP Marketing Innovation
Joe Chernov VP Content Marketing
Keith Nealon Senior VP of Worldwide Sales
Paul Teshima Senior VP of Client Services & Support
Neil Sadaranganey Board Observer
Tom Reilly Board Director
Prasanna Vijayakumar Sr Product Manager
Byron Deeter Board
James Wallace Product Specialist
Miles Thibault senior Product Manager
Troy Goode Senior Manager, Software Development

December, 2012

Eloqua was acquired by Oracle Corporation
for $871M

Oracle buys cloud marketing firm Eloqua for $871M

August, 2011

Eloqua filed on August 24, 2011 with the SEC to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering

Software provider Eloqua files for a $100 million IPO

October, 2010

Eloqua Launches Eloqua10

Eloqua Experience 2010

Eloqua Introduces Concept of Revenue Performance Management

Economics Made Interesting

Eloqua Named to Software Magazine's "Software 500" List

Eloqua Releases "Eloqua Discover for"

Eloqua Discover For Now Available On AppExchange 2

August, 2010

Eloqua Crosses 50,000 User Threshold

July, 2010

Eloqua named in Lead411's Hottest Washington DC Companies list

Lead411 launches "Hottest DC Area Companies" awards

October, 2007

Eloqua raised $23M in a Series C round from Bay Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, and JMI Equity

September, 2006

Eloqua raised $12.8M in a Series B round from Bay Partners and JMI Equity


Eloqua was founded in 1999