Arguably one of the first Web 2.0 sites because of its focus on connecting its users, eHarmony, an online relationship website, matches users together using a rigorous 250+ item questionnaire. It is popular and successful with well over 20 million...

Founded in 2000
Total money raised: $113M

90404 2401 Colorado Avenue
Suite A200

Santa Monica
Santa Monica

Phone: 626-795-4814

Updated on Sep 20, 2013
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Dr. Neil Clark Warren Founder, Chairman, and CEO
Paula Croutch Chief Financial Officer
Armen Avedissian Chief Operating Officer
Arvind Mishra Vice President of Product Management and Lifecycle Marketing
Steve Carter Vice President, Matching
Vaclav Petricek Principal Data Scientist
Grant Langston Vice President, Customer Experience
Jaime Rupert Director, Corporate Communications
Ashley Chisholm Director, Human Resources
Gregory B. Penner Board Member
Thod Nguyen Chief Technology Officer
Steve Nikkhou Vice President, Legal Affairs
Dan Erickson Director Marketing/Special Projects
Greg Penner Board of Directors
Elizabeth Downs Sr Director, Marketing
Jeremy Verba CEO
Greg Waldorf CEO
Joseph Essas CTO
Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter Chief Scientist
Greg Steiner President and COO
Joseph Essas Vice President, Engineering and Operations
Jon Ward VP, Marketing
Darian Shimy VP of Technology
Ram Reddy VP Technology Operations
Bob Holden VP, North American Singles
Sean Cornwell Managing Director & VP International & Mobile
Jim Lambert VP, Human Resources
Jon Ward VP, Corporate Development
John Powers VP Finance (most senior finance role at company)
Scott Ackerman Vice President of Customer Care
Antone Johnson VP, Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary
Fiona Posell VP, Corporate Communications
Stan Holt VP, Publishing
Jonathan Eppers Senior Product Manager
Ken Stelzer Senior Director, Finance
Deb King Sr. Manager, Customer Care
Armen Avedissian Senior Director, Business Analytics
Grant Hosford Sr. Director, Marketing
Mark Douglas Vice President Technology
Anthony Ginn Head of Customer & Lifecycle Marketing
Carlos Moreno Director of Engineering
Eric Hu Corporate Development
Gregory Smirin VP, Emerging Services
Scott Eagle Chief Marketing Officer
Warren Wan Director, Product
Cherie Hurwitz Sr Director, Product
Ben Elowitz Consultant
Jonnathan Ward VP, Marketing
Greg Waldorf Board Member & Founding Investor
Vaclav Petricek Sr. Researcher Matching
Takuju Ueda Manager, Quality Assurance
Louisa Wee Sr. Director, Marketing Monetization and Customer Experience
James Burgess Marketing Consultant

March, 2010

eHarmony invested unknown amount in Affinitas GmbH as unattributed round

November, 2004

eHarmony raised $110M in a Series B round from Sequoia Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Tuputele Ventures

eHarmony Replacing Yenta

August, 2000

eHarmony was founded on August, 2000

June, 2000

eHarmony raised $3M in a Series A round from Sarofim Fayez and Co.