Eco-conscious ecommerce for moms is the brainchild of parents and professionals who saw an unexplored area of parenting and shopping and wanted to bridge the gap between making healthy choices and making easy choices. provides comprehensive, eco-conscious,...

Founded in 2008
Employees: 60
Total money raised: $10.7M


99202 850 E Spokane Falls Blvd
Suite 110


Phone: 800.326.1325

Updated on May 2, 2013
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Balaji Gopinath Co-Founder
Jody Sherman CEO/Founder
Kimberly Pinkson VP Community Relations
Emily Blakeney Vice President of Products
Tim Hsu Director of Product Management and eCommerce
Dan Gould Investor
Leslie Langford Marketing
Jenny Orser Creative Director
Sam Englebardt Investor
Matt Coffin Investor

August, 2012

ecomom raised $4.7M in unattributed round

Eco-friendly Ecommerce Startup Gets $4.7M Injection

December, 2011

ecomom raised $4M in a Series A round from Tony Hsieh, Dave McClure, Chamath Palihapitiya, Rohan Oza, Matias de Tezanos, Walter Kortschak, Troy Carter, Roham Gharegozlou, Paige Craig, Tom McInerney, Cue Ball, NALA Investments, 500 Startups, Crosslink Capital, Venture51, Mark Suster, Roger Dickey, and Reza Hussein

Health Conscious Mom Commerce Site Ecomom Raises A Healthy $4 Million

December, 2010

ecomom raised $900K in angel funding from Don Dodge, Fabrice Grinda, Jose Marin, Michael Lambert, 500 Startups, Othman Laraki, Ralph Mack, Chan & Asha Joshi, Erik Moore, Dennis Ives, Michael Kantor, Olivier Grinda, Venture51, and Embarcadero Ventures

Second close of Series A, bringing total raise to $2M


September, 2010

ecomom raised $1.1M in angel funding from Jody Sherman, Balaji Gopinath, Robert Beck, Dr. Alan Altman, Dennis Ives, Dave McClure, Mark Suster, 500 Startups, David Pell, Tom McInerney, Paige Craig, Andy Rankin, Clark Landry, Alex Karelin, Matt Coffin, 3 Wise Ventures, Josh Reznick, Sizhao Yang, Jamie Weissenborn, Kima Ventures, David Steakley, Michael French, Matthew French, Roger Dickey, Maneesh Arora, and Tom & Peggy Richie


May, 2010

Relaunch under new brand. New site, new strategic partners. New board member, Dr. Alan Greene.

Venture Beat

February, 2010


Venture Beat

February, 2009

Site Launched

August, 2008

ecomom was founded on August, 2008