EBR Systems

Cardiac rhythm management

EBR Systems, Inc. is an early-stage development venture pursuing novel approaches in cardiac rhythm management. EBR Systems develops devices for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

Founded in 2003
Employees: 16
Total money raised: $61M

94085 686 W. Maude - Suite 102


Phone: 408-720-1906

Updated on Nov 20, 2013
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Rick Riley COO and Co-Founder
Mark Cowan VP Engineering
David Milne Board Director
Hardwin Mead Advisory Board
Rick Riley President/CEO/Co-Founder
Frank Vandeputte Vice President Sales and Marketing Europe
Allan Will Board of Directors
Jason Lettmann Investor

February, 2011

EBR Systems raised $5M in a Series D round


June, 2008

EBR Systems raised $35M in a Series C round from SV Life Sciences, Split Rock Partners, Frazier Healthcare Ventures, Delphi Ventures, and DeNovo Ventures

October, 2005

EBR Systems raised $21M in unattributed round from Frazier Healthcare Ventures, St. Paul Venture Capital, DeNovo Ventures, and Split Rock Partners


EBR Systems was founded in 2003