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Docstoc is the premier online business for the best quality and widest selection of documents used to start, grow, and manage your professional life and small business. Docstoc provides a platform to upload, share and even sell your documents, and...

Founded in 2007
Employees: 40
Total money raised: $4M

90401 409 S Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 2A

Santa Monica
Santa Monica
Updated on Dec 4, 2013
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Jason Lawrence Nazar Co-Founder & CEO
Michael Sheridan Chief Organizational Officer
Alon Shwartz Co-founder/CTO
Tucker Smith Vice President, Business Development & Partnerships
Mike Jones Board Member
Neil Patel Advisor
Buck Antestenis Vice President, Marketing
Nate Redmond Board Member
Peter Pham Advisor
Matt Coffin Investor
Matthew Neco General Counsel
Rick Smith
Dudi Einey VP, E-Commerce and Content
Andy Cheatwood VP, Product
Dudi Einey Vice President, Content
Scott Walchek Board Member
Joshua Corb Director of Engineering
David Ruiz Product Manager
Greg Gilman Board Member
Sean Percival Content Manager
Zach Weisman
David Travers Board Member

December, 2013

Docstoc was acquired by Intuit

Intuit Agrees To Acquire Small Business Document Startup Docstoc

August, 2013

Docstoc acquired BestVendor

Docstoc Makes Its First Acquisition, Purchasing Work App Recommendation Platform BestVendor

October, 2011

Docstoc & BusinessWeek announce that Docstoc will be powering the new document resource center on

Docstoc Inks Partnership Deal with BusinessWeek

August, 2011

Docstoc launches its new category of original expert videos for small business owners and operators.

Docstoc Produces Original Expert Videos for SMBs

March, 2010

DocStoc named in Lead411 Hot 90 awards

Lead411 Launches Hot 90 Southern California awards

August, 2008

Docstoc Launches Private Document Monitoring and Reporting

April, 2008

Docstoc raised $3.3M in a Series B round from Rustic Canyon Partners

Docstoc Raises $3.25 Million in Series B Funding

November, 2007

Docstoc raised $750K in a Series A round from Scott Walchek, Brett Brewer, Robin Richards, Matt Coffin, and Crosscut Ventures

August, 2007

Docstoc was founded on August, 2007