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DeNA Co., Ltd. (pronounced “D-N-A”) provides social game platform, social games, e-commerce and other Web services for mobile devices and PCs. DeNA’s current flagship business is its mobile social games platform Mobage (pronounced...

Founded in 1999
Employees: 2,192
Total money raised: $28.8M


150-8510 Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1
Shibuya, Shibuya-ku

Updated on Jul 8, 2013
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Tomoko Namba Founder
Shuhei Kawasaki Chief Technology Officer
Hideo Kimura Executive Officer, SVP
Yoshiki Watabe Executive Officer, SVP
Junichi Akagawa Executive Officer, SVP
Hiroshi Nakajima Executive Officer, SVP
Mitsuhiro Hayashi Executive Officer, SVP
Makoto Haruta Chairman
Joi Ito Advisory Board Member
Taketsune Watanabe Standing Corporate Auditor
Hisaaki Fujikawa Corporate Auditor
Takeshi Matsui Executive Officer, SVP
Yasuhiro Yano Executive Officer, SVP
Isao Moriyasu President
Kenji Kobayashi Chief Game Strategy Officer
Masaru Iida Corporate Auditor
Daisuke Shibata Executive Officer, SVP
Tomoya Ogawa Executive Officer, SVP
Ben Cousins General Manager, Scattered Entertainment. Head of European Game Studios, DeNA
Doug Scott VP Marketing & Revenue
Michael McBride Vice President, Platform
Kenichiro Fujisaki
Niren Hiro Strategy & Corporate Development Consultant
Kosuke Ito Intern

October, 2011

DeNA acquired Atakama Labs

DeNA buys Chilean mobile game firm Atakama Labs

February, 2011

Japanese Social Mobile Games Company DeNA To Hit $1.3 Billion In Revenue

October, 2010

DeNA acquired ngmoco for $400M

Coverage Roundup: Japan's DeNa Pays $400M For iPhone Games Ngmoco

September, 2010

DeNA acquired Astro Ape Studios, LLC., the firm behind a number of social titles for the iOS devices including its debut Office Heroes.

DeNA acquired Gameview Studios

Japanese Company DeNA Buys Mobile Social Gaming Studio Gameview

DeNA invested unknown amount in Astro Ape as seed round

October, 2009

DeNA invested $3.7M in Aurora Feint as unattributed round

February, 2005

Stock symbol: 1254

November, 2001

DeNA raised $4.4M in a Series B round from Fobal Corporation and Koyosha

March, 2001

DeNA raised $7.4M in a Series B round from Nippon Venture Capital and Sony Communication Network

March, 2000

DeNA raised $17M in a Series A round from Nippon Technology Venture Partners, Sumitomo Corporation, and Mitsubishi Corporation

March, 1999

DeNA was founded on March, 1999