Days of Wonder

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Days of Wonder develops and publishes games that Play different™. These games include: Ticket to Ride®, the world’s best-selling train game; Small World™, the legendary fantasy game of epic conquests; and Memoir ’44®, the World War II saga with 20...

Founded in 2002
Employees: 15
Total money raised: $600K

Days of Wonder

94022 334 State Street, Suite 203

Los Altos
Los Altos

Phone: 650-941-5606

Updated on Feb 1, 2012
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Yann Corno Co-Founder & CTO
Eric Hautemont Co-Founder & CEO
Mark Kaufmann Co-Founder & SVP Marketing

January, 2003

Days of Wonder raised $600K in angel funding from Eric Hautemont, Bud Colligan, Jean-Louis Gassée, and Alain Azan

May, 2002

Days of Wonder was founded on May, 2002