Datran Media

Online Marketing Company

Datran Media is a leading digital marketing technology company that helps advertisers and publishers discover and reach their ideal audiences. Backed by award-winning technology and strategy, Datran Media provides digital advertising solutions,...

Founded in 1998
Total money raised: $60M

New York
New York

Phone: 888.494.4764

Updated on Jun 27, 2013
Datran Media at CrunchBase
Andrew Graf Chief Operating Officer
Sean O'Neal CMO
Bill Raduchel Board
Frank Dzubeck Marketing Director and Manager
Matt Keiser President
Patrick Vogt Chairman and CEO
Alan Laifer CEO
Dennis Syracuse CMO
Joshua Baer CTO
David Hendricks EVP Operations
David Carlick Director
Alok Bhushan Director, Corporate Finance
Tom Dixon
William Raduchel Member of the Board of Directors
Karlie Santucci Marketing Manager
Sean MacIsaac CIO
Tony D'Anna GM Stormpost
Geoff Simons Senior Targeting Architect
Suzie Ryu Business Analyst

May, 2011

Datran Media acquired Allvoices

Datran Media Acquires Citizen Journalism Platform Allvoices

May, 2008

Datran Media acquired Top Colleges

Cap Index Report

January, 2008

Datran Media invested unknown amount in OtherInbox as angel investor

August, 2007

Datran Media acquired Chintano for $30M

January, 2006

Datran Media acquired UnsubCentral for $10M

Datran Media acquired SKYLIST

Datran Media buys SKYLIST

Datran Media acquired Intwine for $5M

March, 2005

Datran Media raised $60M in a Series F round from VantagePoint Capital Partners

Datran Media Raises $60M In First Outside Round; VantagePoint Sole Investor


Datran Media was founded in 1998