ConSentry Networks

Intelligent User & App Control Switch

ConSentry Networks is leading the delivery of intelligent control. Customers around the globe have adopted their intelligent control, enabling them to capitalize on today’s new business practices including using contractors, outsourcing and...

Founded in 2003
Employees: 80
Total money raised: $46.4M

Corporate Headquarters

95035 1690 McCandless Dr.


Phone: 1-408-956-2100

Updated on Jul 5, 2013
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Koroush Saraf Director of Products (co-founder)
Joe Golden President and CEO
William Delaney Vice President and CFO
Jeff Prince Chairman and CTO
Rod Kay Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Mario Nemirovsky Cheif Scientist (Co-Founder)
Basil Alwan Board Member
Peter Wagner Board Member
William Delaney CFO
Faizel Lakhani VP Products and Marketing
Jon Shalowitz Sr. Director, Product Management & Product Marketing

January, 2009

ConSentry Networks raised $9.4M in unattributed round from DAG Ventures, INVESCO Private Capital, Northgate Capital, Translink Capital, and Vedanta Capital

Consentry nabs $9.4M for tighter network control

July, 2006

ConSentry Networks raised $20M in a Series D round from Accel Partners, INVESCO Private Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Duff, Ackerman and Goodrich

ConSentry Networks Raises $20 Million in Oversubscribed Round

July, 2005

ConSentry Networks raised $17M in a Series C round from Sequoia Capital, INVESCO Private Capital, and Accel Partners

ConSentry Networks Raises $17 Million in Oversubscribed Series C Funding Round from Accel Partners, INVESCO and Sequoia Capital

June, 2003

ConSentry Networks was founded on June, 2003