The Technology Performance Company

Compuware Corporation is a recognized industry leader in enterprise software and IT services that help maximize the value of technology investments. They offer a set of integrated solutions for enterprise IT including IT portfolio management,...

Founded in 1973
Employees: 4,000


48226 1 Campus Martius


Phone: 1-800-Compuware

Updated on Sep 18, 2011
Compuware at CrunchBase
Peter Karmanos Chairman
Joseph Angileri President & COO
Bob Paul CEO
Pat Stayer Executive Vice President
Laura Fournier Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Jesse Dorsey Software Developer
Werner Breitfuss Product Manager
Rich Hlavka Managing Director
Paul Czarnik CTO
J. Michael Cline Board Member
Glenn Jones Team Member
Dwayne Nesmith Product Manager
John Debrincat
John Sercu Managing Director
Paul Santinelli various engineering, product management and marketing positions
Raymond Lim Director of Product Engineering / Product Integration Manager
Kim Williams senior management
Don Baker Consultant
Matt Tuson Sales Executive
Kees van Bekkum Enterprise Sales Manager
Robert Schechter Board Director (NuMega Technologies)
Gary Willis Account Executive
Reena Nadkarni Product Manager
Rafael Santini Americas Sales
Vikas Reddy Intern
Bryce Dunn Director, Strategy and Product Line Management
John Schroeder GM
Vaughn Balter Sales - Account Mgr
Chris Beck Consultant
Cathy Lippert Senior Director, Product Management
Pinaki Saha Senior Technical Architect
Barry Goldsmith Board member
Roger Goodman Sales Leadership Positions

November, 2011

Compuware invested $450K in iRule as a Series A round

July, 2011

Compuware acquired dynaTrace software for $256M

Compuware buys dynaTrace for $256 million

October, 2009

Compuware acquired Gomez, Inc. for $295M

Compuware Buys Gomez For $295 Million In Cash


Compuware was founded in 1973