Social community for business is a where businesses go to connect with employees, customers, and other businesses. A social site designed for the SMB, enables your company to promote your products and services, find new customers, save money from...

Founded in 2010
Total money raised: $5.7M


30075 590 Mimosa Blvd
Suite 210

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Bill Wade Founder, CEO and Chairman
Patrick Baca CTO
Jim Edwards CFO
Kevin Sasser Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Kamyar Kaviani Member, Board of Directors
Ron Verni Advisory Board
Kim Cooke Board of Directors
Ali Asghari Systems Engineering Manager
Nate Davis Director
Richard Garman Board of Directors
Doug Meyer Advisory Board
Matt Grosso CTO
Ahhay Sasswade VP of Technology
Peter Adams EVP and Director
Colin Digiaro Member, Board of Directors
Michael McChesney Member, Board of Directors
Justin Scott User Experience Officer
Shervin Pishevar Advisory Board
Robert Gaskin Director of Sales

July, 2010 raised $3.6M in a Series A round from FTV Capital, Bill Wade, and Other Angel Investors

2010 was founded in 2010

March, 2009 raised $2M in angel funding Debuts Social Community For Businesses