Solution for online advertisers.

Clickable is the all-in-one solution for online advertising. In one elegant experience, Clickable maximizes online investment by connecting and optimizing digital channels with the social graph. With Clickable’s award-winning Pro advertising...

Founded in 2006
Employees: 160
Total money raised: $32.5M

New York Office

10010 7 West 22nd Street
7th Floor

New York
New York

Phone: 877-775-6699

Updated on Sep 3, 2013
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Dave Fall Chief Operating Officer
Dave Fall Senior Vice President - Product & Operations
Max Kalehoff Vice President, Marketing
Maxine Friedman Vice President, Partnerships
Vernon Steward Vice-President, User Experience
Jonathan Miller Board Member
Greg Stuart Advisor
Albert Wenger Director
Dave Smith Chief Revenue Officer
Sandeep Sahi Vice President, Engineering
Roger Ehrenberg Investor
Jordan Franklin Director, Social Solutions
Sara Holoubek Advisor
David S. Kidder Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Solomon Liou Vice President, Product
Preston Green Vice President, Customer Experience
Bill Masterson Vice President, Sales
Michael Ingson Vice-President, Engineering
Munish Gandhi Co-founder
Jonathan Betz Senior Director, Engineering
Ken Yarmosh Director, Search Technology
Peter Chun Senior Director, Enterprise Solutions
Hass Murphy Director, Product User Experience
Jeff Fernandez Product & Sales
Amit Kumar Tech Lead
Albert Hogan Director, Product Integration
Ben Seslija Senior Director, Analytics
Keith Hong Senior Director, Assist
Dipankar Sarkar Software development engineer
Nick Narodny
Amit Kumar Engineering Manager

August, 2013

LookSmart, Ltd. (Nasdaq:LOOK), an online search advertising network solutions company, today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire the key assets of Syncapse Corp. from its court appointed Receiver MNP Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario. (8/15/13) 6

LookSmart to Acquire Syncapse and Clickable Assets

June, 2012

Clickable was acquired by Syncapse

Syncapse buys Clickable

October, 2011

Clickable raised $12M in a Series C round from American Express, Union Square Ventures, Founders Fund, and FirstMark Capital

AmEx Leads $12 Million Round In Clickable, Which Wants To "Become The AdWords Of Social"

August, 2010

Clickable named to Lead411's New York City Hot 125


November, 2009

Clickabl announced today that WOMMA awarded it the prestigious Gold WOMMY Award. Separately, SNCR named the Clickable Guru program winner of the esteemed 2009 Excellence in New Communication Awards.

Word of Mouth Marketing Association Awards Clickable For Innovative Community Engagement

July, 2008

Clickable raised $14.5M in a Series B round from Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures, and FirstMark Capital

Clickable Raises $14.5 Million More For Online Ad Management

November, 2007

Clickable raised $3M in a Series A round from FirstMark Capital, Union Square Ventures, Peter Thiel, and Jonathan Miller

July, 2007

Clickable raised $3M in a Series A round from Monster Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Schoffstall Ventures, Union Square Ventures, and MPP Holdings

December, 2006

Clickable was founded on December, 2006

January, 2006

Clickable raised unknown amount in angel funding from Roger Ehrenberg

Investor Portfolio