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Clearwire, founded in October 2003 by telecom pioneer Craig O. McCaw, is a provider of simple, fast, portable and reliable wireless high-speed Internet service. Clearwire customers connect to the Internet using licensed spectrum, thus eliminating...

Founded in 2003
Total money raised: $5.7B

98033 4400 Caillon Point


Phone: 866-557-6118

Updated on Mar 3, 2013
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John Stanton Interim CEO
Hope F. Cochran CFO
Erik Prusch COO
Brian McAndrews Director
Craig O. McCaw Founder & Chairman of the Board
Beau Paradowsky Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Enraght-Moony SVP Marketing & GM Clear Online
Jeff Pearson Vice President
Josh King Director, Business & Spectrum Development
Andrew Kupiec General Manager
Greg Cockroft Contract Software Engineer
Seth Cummings EVP
Mark Alkhazov Sr. Manager Staffing/HR

February, 2013

Clearwire raised $80M in private_equity round from Sprint Nextel

Clearwire takes $80M from Sprint even as it’s flirting with Dish for a buyout

December, 2012

Clearwire was acquired by Sprint Nextel

Sprint finalizes Clearwire buyout for $2.2B

November, 2009

Clearwire raised $920M in post_ipo_debt round from Sprint Nextel, Comcast, Time Warner, Intel, and Eagle River Holdings

Clearwire takes on $920M more to build out wireless networks

Clearwire raised $1.5B in post_ipo_equity round from Sprint Nextel, Comcast, Time Warner, Intel, Eagle River Holdings, and BrightHouse

Clearwire raises $1.5 billion to continue WiMax buildout

May, 2008

Clearwire raised $3.2B in post_ipo_equity round from Comcast, Intel, Google, Time Warner, and BrightHouse

$3.2 Billion WiMax Deal Goes Through. Take Cover.

Clearwire acquired Broadband Solutions

Capital Report Index

March, 2007

Clearwire IPO
Stock symbol: NASDAQ:CLWR

October, 2003

Clearwire was founded on October, 2003