ClariPhy Communications

mixed-signal CMOS integrated circuits

ClariPhy Communications, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, develops mixed-signal CMOS integrated circuits for optical networking and communication applications. It offers CL1011, a XAUI-based Ethernet transceiver for enterprise networks and...

Founded in 2002
Total money raised: $51.7M


92618 7585 Irvine Center Drive
Suite 100


Phone: (949) 861-3074

Updated on Oct 6, 2013
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Nariman Yousefi CEO
Paul Voois Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Norman L. Swenson CTO
Christopher Kitching CFO
Martin Colombatto Board Director
Rob Kuhling Board Director
Robert Abbott Board of Director
Bob Abbott Board Member
Jonathan Funk Board Member
Andre Chartrand VP Engineering

November, 2012

ClariPhy Communications raised $8.8M in partial round


August, 2011

ClariPhy Communications raised $4.9M in unattributed round


June, 2011

ClariPhy Communications raised $14M in unattributed round from Nokia Siemens Networks, Allegis Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, Oclaro, ONSET Ventures, and Pacific General Ventures

ClariPhy Communications Secures $14M in Financing

May, 2010

ClariPhy Communications raised $24M in a Series C round from Allegis Capital, ONSET Ventures, Oclaro, and Norwest Venture Partners

ClariPhy raises $24M for chips to speed internet


ClariPhy Communications was founded in 2002