Ciespace Corporation is an early stage software technology company based in Santa Clara, California, delivering an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based computer-aided engineering (CAE) platform for advanced mechanical engineering design and...

Founded in 2010
Employees: 20
Total money raised: $6M

95054 2905 Stender Way

Santa Clara

Phone: 1-408-855-9501

Updated on Jun 28, 2013
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Kevin Kerns CEO
Kenji Shimada Chief Science Officer
Uday Subbarayan Chief Architect
John Buchowski VP Product Management
Sanjay Choudhry CTO
Thomas Curry Board of Directors
Keith L. Crandell Board Director
Keith L. Crandell Board of Directors
Tom Beckley Board of Directors

January, 2013

Ciespace raised $1M in seed round


August, 2010

Ciespace raised $5M in a Series A round from ARCH Venture Partners and The University of Tokyo Edge Capital

Ciespace Corporation Secures $4 Million Series A Funding – Names Kevin Kerns as Chief Executive


Ciespace was founded in 2010