Chromatin is a biotech company developing and marketing innovative technologies and products that benefit the agricultural, energy, chemical, nutritional, and pharmaceutical sectors. Chromatin is unlocking the potential of plants to produce greater...

Total money raised: $11.6M

60616 3440 South Dearborn St.
Suite 280


Phone: 312-235-3610

Updated on Jan 7, 2012
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January, 2012

Chromatin Receives $5.7M Award from Department of Energy

October, 2011

Chromatin raised $10M in a Series D round from Unilever Technology Ventures, Quantitative Investment Management, Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund, and Illinois Ventures

Chromatin Completes $10M First Closing of Series D Financing

April, 2006

Chromatin raised $1.6M in unattributed round from Burrill & Company, Unilever Technology Ventures, Foragen Technologies Management, and Venture Investors