Celgene Corporation engages in the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative therapies to treat cancer and immune-inflammatory related diseases primarily in Europe and the United States. Its primary commercial stage products...

Founded in 1980

07901 86 Morris Avenue


Phone: 908-673-9000

Updated on Oct 6, 2013
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Robert J. Hugin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Jacqualyn A. Fouse Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
George Golumbeski Senior Vice President of Business Development
Perry A. Karsen Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Ernest Mario Member Of The Board Of Directors
Thomas Daniel President
Sol J. Bare Chairman & CEO
David W. Gryska CFO
Donald C. Manning VP, Neurosciences Clinical Research & Development
John K. Westwick Associate Director
Gillian C. Ivers-Read SVP Project Leadership
Greg B. Young Research Assistant

October, 2013

Celgene forges $35M cancer, fibrosis discovery pact with PharmAkea

July, 2013

Celgene invested $100M in Acetylon Pharmaceuticals as unattributed round

Celgene invests $100M, gains option to buy Acetylon

Celgene invested $33.6M in Tengion as a Series D round

October, 2012

Celgene invested $35M in VentiRx Pharmaceuticals as unattributed round

February, 2012

Celgene invested $15M in Acetylon Pharmaceuticals as unattributed round

January, 2012

Celgene acquired Avila Therapeutics for $925M

Celgene to acquire Avila Therapeutics

December, 2011

Celgene invested $30M in Acceleron Pharma as a Series F round

November, 2011

Celgene invested $78M in Agios Pharmaceuticals as a Series C round

June, 2010

Celgene acquired Abraxis BioScience for $2.9B

Celgene strikes $2.9B deal to acquire Abraxis

Celgene invested $12M in FerroKin Biosciences as a Series B round

December, 2009

Celgene acquired Gloucester Pharmaceuticals for $640M

Gloucester Pharma selling for $640M to Celgene


Celgene was founded in 1980