Carlipa Systems

communication solutions

Carlipa Systems offers automated multimedia communication solutions. The company’s products include Kast Engine©, a software engine for real time diffusion and NMG ® that allows automatic control of video and audio flows. These products are used...

Founded in 2002
Total money raised: $6.5M


78860 4 rue de la plaine Parc technologique du Vivier

Saint Nom la Bretθche
Saint Nom la Bretθche

Phone: 33 1 30 80 15 30

Updated on Oct 16, 2010
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April, 2007

Carlipa Systems raised $3.9M in a Series C round from Ouest Ventures, IDF CAPITAL, and ACE Management

January, 2005

Carlipa Systems raised $2.6M in a Series B round from Ouest Ventures and ACE Management


Carlipa Systems was founded in 2002