C2Call GmbH

Web based VoIP Provider

About C2Call GmbH leads the way in introducing next generation mobile and browser-based calling solutions for the computing cloud. FriendCaller for iOS and Android are built using C2Call SDK, and demonstrate the unique capabilities to establish a...

Founded in 2008
Total money raised: $2.7M

C2Call GmbH

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Updated on Jan 1, 2014
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Michael Knecht Founder & CTO
Andreas Quauke Board Member
Martin Feuerhahn Founder & CEO

August, 2010

C2Call GmbH raised $2M in a Series A round from High-Tech Gruenderfonds, Draper Investment Company, and Klaus Wecken

C2Call closes a $2m series A round for its browser-based VoIP phone

September, 2009

C2Call GmbH raised $337.5K in seed round from High-Tech Gruenderfonds

High-Tech Gr├╝nderfonds Invests in Click-2-Call, the Next Generation of VoIP Technology - Business Wire

April, 2008

C2Call GmbH was founded on April, 2008

January, 2008

C2Call GmbH raised $337.5K in angel funding