Brilliant Telecommunications

network timing solutions

Brilliant Telecommunications, Inc. designs, develops, and distributes network timing, management, and synchronization solutions. Its products include Zurich Z-1000, a zero footprint, outdoor, and pole-mounted Network Time Protocol server that...

Founded in 2004
Total money raised: $27M


95008-2949 307 Orchard City Drive
Suite 350


Phone: (408) 866-1896

May, 2010

Brilliant Telecommunications raised $1.3M in debt_round round

Brilliant Telecom dials up $1.3M for IP server products

October, 2009

Brilliant Telecommunications raised $7.6M in unattributed round from Asset Management Company, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Draper Richards, ONSET Ventures, Novatel, and Xilinx

Brilliant Secures $7.6 Million in Funding from ONSET Ventures and NovAtel for Next-Generation Timing and Synchronization

August, 2008

Brilliant Telecommunications raised $11M in a Series B round from Novatel, Draper Richards, Draper & Associates, and ONSET Ventures

Ahead of deployment, Brilliant Telecom adds to its round

February, 2007

Brilliant Telecommunications raised $7.1M in a Series A round from ONSET Ventures, Asset Management Company, Draper Richards, and Intellect Capital Ventures

Brilliant, a network server technology co., raises $7.1M


Brilliant Telecommunications was founded in 2004