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Help Scout is a simple help desk designed for small businesses. The team was part of TechStars Boston’s 2011 class and currently resides in Boston’s South End.

Founded in 2011
Employees: 8
Total money raised: $3.5M


02118 500 Harrison Ave.
Floor 3R


Phone: 855-435-7726

Updated on Jul 25, 2013
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Jared McDaniel Co-founder & CCO
Nick Francis Co-founder & CEO
Denny Swindle Co-founder & CTO

September, 2012

Help Scout raised $3M in private_equity round


October, 2011

Help Scout raised $435K in seed round from Dharmesh Shah, David Cancel, Chris Sheehan, Bantam Group, Trademarks, Walt Winshall, Mike Dornbrook, George Mabry, Brian Balfour, Tony Chen, Jason Henrichs, Zelkova Ventures, Jay Meattle, Steve Reaser, Michael Mark, and Preston Ford

Help Scout Draws Funding To Bring Affordable Email Collaboration And Support To Startups

March, 2011

Accepted into the TechStars Boston program

TechStars Boston 2011: Who Got In

Help Scout raised unknown amount in seed round from Techstars

TechStars Boston 2011: Who Got In

January, 2011

Help Scout was founded on January, 2011