Brass Monkey

Wireless controller SDK

Brass Monkey’s patented technology transforms an iPhone or other smart device into an intuitive controller for web based single or multi-player games. Using Brass Monkey software, experiences previously only available through game consoles...

Founded in 2010
Employees: 6
Total money raised: $750K

Main Office

02130 2 Harris Ave.

Jamaica Plain
Jamaica Plain

Phone: 617-470-8815

Updated on Apr 13, 2013
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Rebecca Allen Founder
James Bull CEO
Francois Laberge Chief Innovation Officer
Chris Allen President and CTO
Jon Leach Senior VP of Sales
Francois Leberge CIO
Andy Jenks Board of Advisors

January, 2012

Brass Monkey raised $750K in seed round from Kima Ventures and Quotidian Ventures

Brass Monkey Grabs $750K To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wii Controller For Browser Games

June, 2011

Brass Monkey acquired Emotely

Brass Monkey buys HTML5 shop Emotely

June, 2010

Brass Monkey was founded on June, 2010