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Branch (formerly Roundtable) enables a smart new brand of high quality public discourse. Curated groups of people are invited to engage around issues in which they are knowledgeable. This service holds the promise of a new platform for dialogue on...

Founded in 2011
Employees: 6
Total money raised: $2M

Branch HQ

10014 416 W 13th St.
Suite 203

New York
New York
Updated on Jan 13, 2014
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Tags:   conversation   debate   dialog   discussion

Cemre Güngör Designer and Co-Founder
Josh Miller CEO and Co-Founder
Hursh Agrawal CTO and Co-Founder
Jason Goldman Board Member
Jonah Peretti Advisor
MG Siegler Advisor
Biz Stone Advisor
Ryan Freitas Adviser & Investor
Evan Williams Advisor

January, 2014

Branch was acquired by Facebook
for $15M

Facebook acquires link-sharing service Branch for around $15 million

March, 2012

Branch raised $2M in seed round from SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, Rick Webb, Lucas Nelson, Ryan Freitas, David Tisch, Obvious Corporation, betaworks, and BoxGroup

Branch Raises $2 Million From SV Angel And Others

September, 2011

Branch was founded on September, 2011