Boulder Wind Power

Boulder Wind Power, Inc. engages in designing and manufacturing of wind turbines. Boulder Wind Power, Inc. was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder Wind Power was founded by industry veterans who recognized that wind...

Founded in 2009
Total money raised: $43M

80304 209 Boulder View Lane


Phone: (303) 630-1400

Updated on Nov 15, 2013
Boulder Wind Power at CrunchBase
Sandy Butterfield Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
John Fedorko Chief Commercial Officer
Andris Cukurs Chief Executive Officer
Chip Corboy Vice President of Finance
Harry Weller Board Member
Paulo Guedes-Pinto Vice President of Engineering
Cameron P. Reagor Director - Research & Development
Doug Jackson Board of Directors
Ravi Viswanathan Board of Directors
Tim Connors Board of Directors
Eamon O'Keeffe Director, Supply Chain Management
Ron Bernal Board of Directors
Jim Lyons Board of Directors
Yanev Suissa Board Member
Tim Connors Vice President of Business Strategy and CFO

September, 2011

Boulder Wind Power raised $35M in a Series B round from Molycorp and New Enterprise Associates

Boulder Wind Power Closes $35M Series B Funding

February, 2011

Boulder Wind Power raised $8M in a Series A round

Boulder Wind Power Raises $8M To Push Past 'Stagnant' Tech


Boulder Wind Power was founded in 2009