BlueStripe Software

Transaction & Application Monitoring

BlueStripe Software provides the next generation of transaction performance management solutions. BlueStripe’s flagship product, FactFinder, is the first management tool to monitor transactions and applications together with the underlying...

Founded in 2007
Total money raised: $13M


27560 2803 Slater Road
Suite 125


Phone: 919-462-3660

Updated on Sep 16, 2013
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Chris Neal CEO & Board Member
Vic Nyman Founder , COO & Board Member
Nick Burling Vice President of Product Management
David Mountain VP of Marketing Communications
John Whittington VP Business Development
Noel Fenton Board Member
Greg Burnell VP of Sales
Kevin Greene Board Member
Dan Scholnick Board Observer
Mary Boose Vice President of Engineering
Alex Eckelberry Board Member
John Bley Cofounder and Chief Architect
Shane O’Donnell VP Engineering

April, 2012

BlueStripe Software Named

July, 2010

BlueStripe Software recognized as one of the Hottest Companies in the Southeast by Lead411

Lead411 launches "Hottest Companies in the Southeast" awards

April, 2009

BlueStripe Software raised $8M in a Series B round from Valhalla Partners and Trinity Ventures

BlueStripe nabs $8 million to jumpstart commercialization

January, 2007

BlueStripe Software raised $5M in a Series A round from Trinity Ventures

Virtualization company BlueStripe set to launch product


BlueStripe Software was founded in 2007