Blue Box

Hybrid Rails Managed Hosting

Established in 2003, Blue Box is a leading cloud hosting and managed services company. Nearly 600 companies use Blue Box’s managed application hosting for infrastructure solutions. Our clients receive white- glove 24/7 support through our...

Founded in 2003
Employees: 56
Total money raised: $11.1M


98101 119 Pine Street


Phone: 800-613-4305

Updated on May 12, 2013
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Jesse Proudman CEO
Julie Hillers Chief Operating Officer
Jesse Proudman Chief Executive Officer
Jill Waltersdorph CFO
Matt Scoble VP Business Development
Stephen Balukoff Principal Technologist
Erik Benson Investor
Jill Waltersdorph Chief Financial Officer
David Frankel Board Director
Bill McAleer Board Director
Julie Hillers COO

January, 2013

Blue Box raised $4.3M in a Series A round from Voyager Capital and Founder Collective

Blue Box Closes $4.3M Series A funding

December, 2012

Blue Box raised $4.3M in partial round


November, 2012

Blue Box raised $2.5M in partial round


October, 2012

Blue Box has raised $3.5 million for its OpenStack-infused cloud and hosting service designed for companies that have major traffic volumes and big apps and rely on a high level of uptime. This is a first round for Blue Box, which started in Seattle ni

Blue Box Raises $3.5 Million For Cloud And Hosting Service With An OpenStack Flavor

September, 2009

Blue Box Group Relocates Corporate Headquarters to Seattle

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August, 2009

In a deal that finalized August 10, Blue Box Group of Tacoma, Washington acquired "Rails Boxcar" from Planet Argon LLC..

Rails Hosting Leader, Blue Box Group, Acquires Rails Boxcar

August, 2003

Blue Box was founded on August, 2003