Blippy is a fun way to help you decide what to watch on the Internet. People upload over a hundred thousand hours of video across the web every day, and we’re fascinated by the huge volume of video available at the tap of a finger....

Founded in 2013
Employees: 10
Total money raised: $12.9M

San Francisco
San Francisco
Updated on Aug 23, 2013
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David King Co-Founder and CEO
Saar Gur Board Director
Chris Estreich Co-Founder
Philip Kaplan Co-Founder
Ashvin Kumar Co-Founder
David Hornik Board of Directors
Ryan Romanchuk Engineer

February, 2013

Blippy was founded on February, 2013

May, 2011


April, 2010

Blippy raised $11.2M in a Series A round from August Capital and Charles River Ventures

January, 2010

Blippy raised $1.7M in angel funding from Evan Williams, Jason Calacanis, James Hong, Ariel Poler, Sequoia Capital, Charles River Ventures, Philip Kaplan, SV Angel, Brian Pokorny, and Travis Kalanick

Public Launch

Announced hire of new CEO