Bizdom is startup accelerator that provides seed funding and intense mentorship to entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow innovative tech-based startups in the downtown urban cores of Detroit and Cleveland. Bizdom is a three-month to six month...

Employees: 15

Bizdom Detroit

48226 1555 Broadway Street
3rd Floor


Phone: 313-833-7800

Updated on Oct 4, 2013
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Dan Gilbert Founder
Dan Gilbert
Paul Allen Leader Bizdom Cleveland
Brian Bosche Venture for America Fellow
Anna Sauber-Buchholz Administrative Coordinator and Social Media
Cynthia Scott Program Lead Cleveland
Ross Sanders Executive Director
Kate Hawk Marketing Lead Cleveland

July, 2013

Bizdom invested $500K in GreenLancer as a Series A round

March, 2013

Bizdom invested $750K in Chalkfly as a Series A round

August, 2012

Bizdom invested $20K in Easel Learn as angel investor

April, 2011

Bizdom invested $130K in as seed round

April, 2010

Bizdom invested $75K in Wedit as seed round