Video Delivery Network

BitGravity’s primary service is a high-speed content delivery network suitable for streaming video or other high-bandwidth applications. BitGravity also offers an enterprise web storage solution. Founders Barrett Lyon and Perry Wu has started...

Founded in 2006
Employees: 50
Total money raised: $2.5M

94010 700 Airport Boulevard Suite #100


Phone: 650-262-0004

Updated on Jul 15, 2011
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Perry Wu CEO and Co-Founder
Mangesh Pimpalkhare VP, Product Management
Perry Clarke VP, Engineering
Skip Rudolf VP, Marketing
Barrett Lyon Co-Founder & CTO
Chris Turner VP, Worldwide Sales
Mari Mineta Clapp VP, Corporate Marketing
Eren Bali Developer
Charles Myslinsky Senior Product Manager

October, 2008

BitGravity Selected To Deliver Live, HD-Quality Video Streaming For SpaceX Flights Following Historic Falcon 1 Rocket Flight into Earth Orbit

BitGravity Streams SpaceX Live in HD-Quality

ASU Relies on BitGravity's HD Video Delivery

August, 2008

BitGravity raised $2.5M in a Series A round from Allen & Company and Blake Krikorian

BitGravity receives $2.5 M VC funding, Sling Media's Krikorian joins board

February, 2006

BitGravity was founded on February, 2006