White-label loyalty platform

BigDoor is a white label software platform that helps brands increase customer engagement, reward users, and build loyalty.

Founded in 2009
Employees: 30
Total money raised: $12.8M

98109 511 Boren Avenue North
First Floor


Phone: 206-971-3919

Updated on Dec 9, 2013
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Keith Smith Co-founder & CEO
Jeff Malek Co-founder
Brad Feld Director
Andy Sack Director

April, 2012

BigDoor raised $5M in a Series C round from Foundry Group

Gamification Platform BigDoor Raises $5 Million From Foundry Group

BigDoor introduces next generation of Gamified Rewards Program and announces $5m in funding led by Foundry Group and Brad Feld.

A Gamification Changer! BigDoor's New Gamified Rewrads Delivers Big Results For Publishers

September, 2011

BigDoor acquired OneTrueFan

BigDoor Media acquires OneTrueFan for gamification expansion

January, 2011

BigDoor raised $2.3M in unattributed round

June, 2010

BigDoor raised $5M in a Series B round from Foundry Group

BigDoor Inc. Secures $5 Million in Venture Financing

May, 2010

BigDoor raised $215K in debt_round round


October, 2009

BigDoor raised $250K in seed round from Founder's Co-op and Foundry Group

BigDoor Opens Doors To Public Beta Of Website And iPhone App Monetization Tool

BigDoor raised $100K in unattributed round

BigDoor – Gamification Toolbar Provider

June, 2009

BigDoor was founded on June, 2009