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Badoo is the largest, fastest growing Social Network for Meeting New People in the world, very popular in Southern Europe, South America and Eastern Europe. With over 170 million users in over 180 countries using the site in 40 languages, Badoo is...

Founded in 1984
Employees: 150
Total money raised: $29.3M


Phone: 07038711978

Updated on Jun 23, 2013
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Andrey Andreev Founder
Dash Gopinath Chief Product Officer
Andrew Parker Chief Finance Officer
Michelle Kennedy Head of Legal
Jennifer Nucifora Head of Commercial Finance
Gene Sokolov CTO
Amit Shafrir President & Board Member
VP Engineering Gene Sokolov
Ben Ling COO
Jessica Powell Chief Marketing Officer
Bart Swanson COO
Eugene Ciurana VP Technology
Gerry Haag VP Operations
Udi Jacobi VP Business Development
Matthew Woolf VP Mobile
Lothar Eckstein Chief Marketing Officer
Jean-Laurent Wotton Director Performance Marketing
Sarah McQuade Director of HR
Ed Heale Director of Business Development
Alan Vanstone Director of Product
Kirsty Ward Executive Assistant
Colum Kelly SEO Manager
Lloyd Price Director of Marketing
Greg Billinge Director of Global Payments
James Collier Director of Advertising
John Flynn VP Customer Service
Alex Davids Legal Counsel
Jude Farrell Consumer Marketing Manager
Alice Bonasio PR Manager

January, 2011 passes 100m users

Mobile Entertainment Magazine

December, 2010

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Badoo’s Dating App Sees Big New Surge on Facebook Chooses Single-Click Online Payments System from Adyen & Daily Star Launch Innovative Social Dating Partnership

January, 2010

Social network Badoo is banned in Iran

February, 2008

Badoo breaks 13m users, relaunch soon

January, 2008

Badoo raised $29.3M in a Series A round from FINAM Global

March, 1984

Badoo was founded on March, 1984