Avvo is a legal Q&A forum, directory and legal marketplace, connecting hundreds of thousands of consumers and lawyers every month. In Avvo’s Q&A forum consumers can get free legal advice 24/7 from more than 150,000 participating lawyers,...

Founded in 2007
Total money raised: $23M


98104 705 5th Avenue South
Suite 600

Updated on Jul 1, 2013
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Mark Britton CEO/President
Sendi Widjaja CTO
Leigh McMillan Vice President of Marketing
Josh King VP, Business Development & General Counsel
Brad Silverberg Board
Rich Barton Board Director
Lou Andreozzi Board
Paul Bloom Co-Founder, Board Member and VP Products/Marketing
Conrad Saam Director

November, 2012

Avvo launches legal marketing platform for lawyers

June, 2012

Avvo added Lisa Bloom as legal analyst

March, 2010

Avvo raised $10M in a Series C round from DAG Ventures, Ignition Partners, and Benchmark

Online attorney rating service Avvo scores $10 million

June, 2007

Avvo was founded on June, 2007

April, 2007

Avvo raised $10M in a Series B round from Benchmark and Ignition Partners

January, 2006

Avvo raised $3M in a Series A round