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authorGEN Technologies provide distance learning products and solutions. The company caters to the distance learning markets of universities, schools, community colleges, the training community, and e-tutoring. WiZiQ is a place where you can teach...

Founded in 2005
Employees: 85
Total money raised: $8.7M

US Office

9220, Fairbanks, Suite 205


Phone: 1.919.827.4772

Updated on Jun 1, 2012
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Jagdeep Singh Pannu Director of Internet Marketing

September, 2007

authorGEN raised $8.7M in a Series A round from Educomp Solutions

Educomp buys 50% stake in Eurokids for $8.7mn

December, 2006

authorGEN raised unknown amount in angel funding

May, 2005

authorGEN was founded on May, 2005