Arts Alliance Media

Digital Cinema technology provider

Arts Alliance Media, based in London with offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Oslo and Berlin, is the worldwide leader in digital cinema, offering a complete range of services, as well as VPF financing solutions. These services include...

Founded in 2003
Employees: 75
Total money raised: $125.6M

Head Office

W14 8ST 9-11 North End Road


Phone: +44 (0)20 7751 7500

Updated on May 3, 2013
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Thomas Hoegh Founder
Matt Sullivan Chief Information Officer
Patrick Foley Chief Financial Officer
Howard Kiedaisch Chief Executive Officer
Richard Phillips Vice-President, Engineering
Fiona Deans Chief Operating Officer
Eric Stevens Commercial Director
Thomas Hoegh Founder, Board Member
Gwendal Auffret Senior Vice-President, Digital Cinema
Elizabeth Draper Vice President, Alternative Content Distribution
Fiona Deans Associate Director
Richard Phillips Database Administrator
Joshua Green Associate Director
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Richard Phillips Director, Technology Strategy
Mark Livingstone President

March, 2010

Arts Alliance Media raised $67.5M in a Series B round from Sankaty Advisors


December, 2008

Arts Alliance Media raised $58.1M in a Series A round from Econocom


October, 2005

Arts Alliance Media invested $7.1M in Player X as a Series A round

June, 2003

Arts Alliance Media was founded on June, 2003