Arius Research

ARIUS Research, Inc., a biotechnology company, engages in the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics primarily focusing on breast, prostate, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic and lung cancers, leukemia, and melanoma. It identifies...

Founded in 1999
Total money raised: $23.5M

M5J 1R7 55 York Street
15th Floor, Ontario


Phone: 416-862-2323

Updated on Mar 28, 2014
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David S. Young Founder
Warren Whitehead CFO
Chau Khuong

July, 2008

Arius Research was acquired by Roche Holding
for $142.7M

Cap Funding Report

March, 2006

Arius Research raised $21.5M in unattributed round from OrbiMed Advisors, Xmark Opportunity Funds, and Efficacy Capital

ARIUS Closes US$21.5 Million Financing

November, 2005

Arius Research raised $2M in unattributed round from Xmark Asset Management


Arius Research was founded in 1999