Applied Identity

Applied Identity, Inc. offers identity aware network security solutions. It offers ID-Audit, which displays real-time and historical user and resource activity; ID-Unify that enables the management of user identities between disparate identity...

Founded in 2002
Total money raised: $33M

94104 456 Montgomery
Suite 400

San Francisco

Phone: 415-593-2100

Updated on Apr 7, 2013
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Jon Shalowitz Vice President of Marketing

October, 2008

Applied Identity raised $10M in a Series C round from ABS Ventures, Bay Partners, Globespan Capital Partners, OVP Venture Partners, and Sigma Partners


May, 2006

Applied Identity raised $12M in a Series B round from OVP Venture Partners, Bay Partners, Sigma Partners, and Globespan Capital Partners

Applied Identity Raises $12M

January, 2005

Applied Identity raised $11M in a Series A round from Globespan Capital Partners, Sigma Partners, and Bay Partners


Applied Identity was founded in 2002