Animated slide-show generator

Animoto generates custom, professional-looking slideshows from user-uploaded music and photos. Their “patent-pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology and high-end motion design” drives the web app. They say the Cinematic A.I....

Founded in 2006
Employees: 60
Total money raised: $30M


440 Lafayette St.

New York
New York
Updated on Aug 12, 2013
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Stevie Clifton Co-Founder & CTO
Brad Jefferson CEO & Co-founder
Russ Keefe CFO
Siddharth Jain VP, Engineering
Tom Clifton VP of Product Design, Co-Founder
Jason Hsiao Co-Founder & President
Matt McIlwain Board of Directors
Ben Spero Board Director
Russell Sinclair Technical Product Manager
Steve Jang Advisory Board Member
Chris Korhonen Front-End Engineering Lead
Brad Garlinghouse Member, Board of Directors
Scott Jacobson Board Observer

June, 2011

Animoto raised $25M in a Series C round from Spectrum Equity, Madrona Venture Group, and Amazon

Animoto In It To Win It, Takes $25 Million In Third Venture Round

June, 2009

Animoto raised $4.4M in a Series B round from Amazon, Madrona Venture Group, SoftTech VC, and Bruce Livingstone

Animoto Is Already Cash-Flow Positive, Raises Another Round To Go To 11

August, 2008

Announces 250,000 users, 4 million videos, 50 million views

August, 2007

Animoto raised $600K in a Series A round

August, 2006

Animoto was founded on August, 2006