Andersen Consulting

Anderson Consulting Group designs, deploys, and implements technology and management solutions for residential and commercial construction industries in the United States. Its technology solutions include technology assessment, software evaluation,...

Updated on Jun 5, 2013
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Rich Zollinger
Andy Han
Sumeet Jain
Joel Greengrass Project Manager
Jay Parikh Consultant
Nik Souris Senior Manager
William West Manager
Matt Matsui Senior Consultant
Terry Schmid Staff Consultant
John Quarles Business Analyst / Program Manager
Andrew Savitz Consultant
Robert Finzi Consultant
Martin Tobias Senior Programmer
Derek Peterson Senior Consultant
David V. Joubran
Paul Thorley Associate Partner
Dao Nguyen Consultant
Jeffrey Palmer Manager
Rich Baiardi Senior Manager
Patrick Meininger Consultant
Hans Theisen Senior Consultant, Change Management Practice
Jeff Schultz Senior Manager Positions
David Esser Consultant
Richard Lumb Partner
Steve Olszewski Senior Consultant
James Beer Management Consultant
Dan Blake Development Manager/Architect
Steve Brodie Senior Consultant
Brett Rubin Experienced Healthcare Consultant
Kristin Muhlner Sr. Consultant
Patricia Hewitt Director, Research - EMEA
Fergus Gloster Business Development Manager
Mark Krapels Consultant
Lane Franks Sr Consultant
David Marks Tax partner
Simon Hopkins Consultant
David A. Rey Partner
Yasuo Miyazawa IT Consultant
David Boyle Software Development
Doug Adams Variety of Leadership Positions
Scott Mitchell Senior Manager
David Chang Senior Consultant
Julian Cook Managing Partner
Timothy M. Hascall business career
Ashwani Dhar Senior Consultant
Paul Rogers Consultant
Michael Levit Senior consultant
Bruce Dunlevie Systems Designer & Programmer
George (Rick) Adam, Jr. Technical Specialist
Simon Blackburn Manager - Financial Services
Kim Jabal Senior Manager
Helena May Senior Manager
Mike Frandsen Associate Partner
Cory Lund Various Role
Carl Shepherd Manager
Kevin McKeown Sr Consultant
Rob Frohwein staff consultant
Thomas Enraght-Moony Consultant
Dru Borden Consultant
Jorge Benitez Partner
Roxanne Taylor marketing fnancial servies, corporate media & analyst relations
Dan Lind Director for Strategic Technology
Brian James Manager
Henrik Johansson Management Consultant
Rick Wilhelm Manager
Marc Breissinger Senior Manager
Alastair Breward Technology Consultant
John Lawrence Exper. Senior
Sandi Hwang Adam Consultant
Matt Shobe Usability Specialist
Andy Adams Senior Consultant
Jeff Dykan Various Designation
Chris Stenzel Senior Manager
Sean Fleming Senior Consultant
Jimmy Fitzgerald Management
Andrew Jones