Anchor Intelligence

Anchor Intelligence is the traffic quality solutions provider of choice among ad networks and search engines. Anchor’s ClearMark, the industry’s first and only real-time traffic scoring system, enables customers to increase conversions,...

Founded in 2007
Employees: 9
Total money raised: $6M

94040 480 San Antonio Road, Suite 235

Mountain View
Mountain View

Phone: (650) 320-9100

Updated on Mar 21, 2013
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Jim Pitkow Co-founder
Ken Miller CEO
Steve Armstrong Chief Financial Officer
Marc Brown CTO
Richard Sim VP Product Management and Marketing
Toby Trevarthen VP Business Development
Chuck Geiger Advisor
Greg Stuart Advisor
Allan Heydon Principal Engineer
Max Kalashnikov Systems Architect
Rich LeFurgy Advisor
Michael Radwin VP Engineering
Eliot Durbin Investor

September, 2007

Anchor Intelligence raised $4M in a Series B round from JK&B Capital

January, 2007

Anchor Intelligence raised $2M in a Series A round from Baseline Ventures, Ron Conway, Rajeev Motwani, Ram Shriram, Peggy Taylor, Jeffrey Jordan, Michael Parekh, and FLOODGATE

Anchor Intelligence was founded on January, 2007