Share your family history is a subscription based website which helps you discover, preserve and share your family history. The site has over 7 billion records from the US, Canada and Europe ready to add or already added to family trees. It has all relevant...

Founded in 1983
Total money raised: $33.2M


84604 360 West 4800 North


Phone: 1-800-262-3787

Updated on Aug 27, 2013
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Tim Sullivan President and CEO
Scott Sorensen Chief Technology Officer
Howard Hochhauser CFO
Rob Singer Senior Vice President of U.S. Marketing
Ken Chahine Senior Vice President and General Manager, DNA
Eric Shoup EVP, Product
Kendall Hulet VP, Product
Ben Spero Board Director
Olivier Van Calster Senior Vice President of International
Craig Sherman Angel Investor
Rudy Adler Director of Product Design
Kristie Wells Director, Global Social Media & Customer Engagement
William Stern General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Zach Pino Vice President of People and Places
Brett Huneycutt Director of Product Management
Paul Allen CEO, VP Marketing
Michael Wolfgramm CTO & SVP of Development
David H. Rinn CFO
David H. Rinn SVP Strategy & Corporate Development
Bill Bailey Vice President, Corporate and Business Development
Josh Hanna EVP and General Manager of
Michael Graff SVP, Product
Daren Thayne CTO and SVP of Development
Andrew Wait Senior Vice President and General Manager North America
Skander Ben Mansour Head of Proposition Development
Cali Tran Corporate Development
Kendall Hulet Sr. Director, Mobile & Platform Product Management
Roger Bell Director of Product Management
Kate Antheil Boyd Executive Producer | Senior Director, Product | Director of Business Development
Christopher Tracy SVP, Member Services
Kendall Hulet Sr. Director, International Product Management
Nick Efstratis Board Director
Alissa Reiter Senior Director, Product Management
Brett Bouchard Managing Director Europe
David Goldberg Board Director

October, 2012

Ancestry acquired 1000memories Acquires Photo Digitization And Sharing Service 1000memories

April, 2012

Ancestry acquired for $100M Acquires For $100 Million

September, 2010

Ancestry acquired iArchives for $27M Acquiring iArchives For $27 Million

Ancestry acquired Footnote for $28M to Acquire

August, 2010

Ancestry raised unknown amount in unattributed round from SV Angel

June, 2010

Ancestry acquired Genline for $6.7M Buys Buys Swedish Counterpart Genline For $6.7 Million

November, 2009

Ancestry IPO
Stock symbol: NASDAQ:ACOM

August, 2009 files for $75M IPO.

Finding Family Is Big Business: Files For $75 Million IPO

September, 1999

Ancestry raised $33.2M in a Series B round from Amerindo Investment Advisors, AOL, Pivotal Private Equity, and Compaq


Ancestry was founded in 1983