There are 6 companies tagged `streams`; raised $6.1M from 16 investors

Cascaad (CircleMe) raised $2.8M from Innogest Capital, Innogest, and Innogest in 3 rounds. raised $1.5M from Spark Capital, Charles River Ventures, Gordon Bell, Raj Reddy, Roger Bamford, Jim Fowler, Richard Hart, Rick Magnuson, and Russell Siegelman . Raises $1.5M in Funding

Needium raised $1M from Garage Technology Ventures Canada .

Hojoki raised $620K from KIZOO .

Hojoki aims to solve ‘information fragmentation’, raises $620,000

SongFlame raised $110K from Lori Petersen and Wiest Holdings, LLC in 2 rounds.

Qbix raised $107K .