There are 18 companies tagged `eco`; raised $167.6M from 126 investors

Recyclebank raised $85.1M from Physic Ventures, Generation Investment Management, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Paul Capital, RRE Ventures, Sigma Partners, The Westly Group, RRE Ventures, Sigma Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, The Westly Group, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, The Westly Group, RRE Ventures, Sigma Partners, RRE Ventures, and Sigma Partners in 4 rounds.

Recyclebank Raises Additional $14 Million in Series C Financing RecycleBank Adds $28M, Joins Up With Kashless RecycleBank Secures $30 Million in Series B Funding from Top Venture Capital Firms RecycleBank raises $13.1M to give people incentives to recycle

Datadog raised $22.4M from OpenView Venture Partners, Index Ventures, RTP Ventures, Amplify Partners, IA Ventures, Contour Venture Partners, RRE Ventures, NYC Seed, Index Ventures, IA Ventures, Contour Venture Partners, NYC Seed, RTP Ventures, Neu Venture Capital, RRE Ventures, Contour Venture Partners, IA Ventures, and RTP Ventures in 3 rounds.

Datadog Raises $15M in Series B Funding Datadog Announces $6.2M Investment from Index Ventures and RTP Ventures

LATTO raised $15M from 2BAngles, Neurato Investments, PLUS Ventures, Neurato Investments, and 2BAngles in 2 rounds.

Multiscreen Video Store Platform Latto Raises Further $4 Million

Viridity Software raised $15M from Battery Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners, Battery Ventures, and North Bridge Venture Partners in 2 rounds.


ecomom raised $10.7M from Tony Hsieh, Dave McClure, Chamath Palihapitiya, Rohan Oza, Matias de Tezanos, Walter Kortschak, Troy Carter, Roham Gharegozlou, Paige Craig, Tom McInerney, Cue Ball, NALA Investments, 500 Startups, Crosslink Capital, Venture51, Mark Suster, Roger Dickey, Reza Hussein, Don Dodge, Fabrice Grinda, Jose Marin, Michael Lambert, 500 Startups, Othman Laraki, Ralph Mack, Chan & Asha Joshi, Erik Moore, Dennis Ives, Michael Kantor, Olivier Grinda, Venture51, Embarcadero Ventures, Jody Sherman, Balaji Gopinath, Robert Beck, Dr. Alan Altman, Dennis Ives, Dave McClure, Mark Suster, 500 Startups, David Pell, Tom McInerney, Paige Craig, Andy Rankin, Clark Landry, Alex Karelin, Matt Coffin, 3 Wise Ventures, Josh Reznick, Sizhao Yang, Jamie Weissenborn, Kima Ventures, David Steakley, Michael French, Matthew French, Roger Dickey, Maneesh Arora, and Tom & Peggy Richie in 4 rounds.

Eco-friendly Ecommerce Startup Gets $4.7M Injection Health Conscious Mom Commerce Site Ecomom Raises A Healthy $4 Million Techcrunch

I-CAN Systems raised $9.7M from Peter Kimmel .

FireFly LED Lighting raised $3.5M .

VC and Angel

Sprig Toys raised $2.3M from Brand Journey Capital .

we are actively working on a number of investments and have so far completed investments in Sprig Toys

Eco Market raised $1M from Giuliano Stiglitz, Kelvin Au, Ivan Mazour, Owen Li, Innova Kapital, Giuliano Stiglitz, Kelvin Au, Mary Turner, Robert Barnes, Giuliano Stiglitz, Kelvin Au, and Robert Barnes in 4 rounds.

“Etsy For Eco” Ethical Community Raises $300,000+ In Seed Funding

SDH Group raised $915K .

Admira Cosmetics raised $486K .

ArcaNatura LLC raised $390K from Connecticut Innovations and Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology in 3 rounds.

Connecticut Innovations invests in two local startups Small Business Incubation Program raised $337.5K from Zoe Quinn, Hugh O'Regan, and Enterprise Ireland . raised $300K from Roger Goldman and Pat Gross .

Homeforswap raised $250K from Antoine Lierville .

CleanBeeBaby raised $100K from Pamela Hawley .

Entrepreneur Magazine: How 3 Businesses Broke into the Mommy Market

Locate Special Diet raised $75K .

Kids360 raised $15K from Start.Co .

Upstart Memphis Begins Hatching Women-Led Startups