There are 9 companies tagged `articles`; raised $39.4M from 15 investors

Helium raised $27M from Signature Capital and Northport Private Equity in 2 rounds.

Helium hauls in $10M debt and options financing TechCrunch

HubPages raised $8M from Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Storm Ventures, and Hummer Winblad Venture Partners in 2 rounds.

Press Release Hubpages Launches, Gets $2 m from Hummer Winblad

XYDO raised $1.3M from EPIC Ventures .

XYDO Raises $1.25 Million For A More Personalized Social News Experience

Opposing Views raised $1.3M from Gil Elbaz, Frontera Capital, and Russell Fine .

Opposing Views raises $1.25M to explain complicated issues

ArticleAlley raised $1M .

Saplo raised $690K from Göran Grosskopf, Martin Liljeberg, and Vinnova in 2 rounds.

Saplo Raises $500K For Semantic Text Analysis Technology Saplo wins research grant from VINNOVA raised $150K from Yves Latour, Arvin Zuberbuehler, and .

Litbloc raised $50K .

Guestaurant raised $20K .