Analogix Semiconductor

Semiconductors and IP

Analogix Semiconductor designs and manufactures high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for the Digital Media market. Analogix is a leader in providing semiconductor solutions for DisplayPort, the next-generation digital interconnect...

Founded in 2002
Total money raised: $39.4M


95054 3211 Scott Boulevard
Suite 102

Santa Clara
Santa Clara

Phone: 14089888848

Updated on Oct 1, 2013
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Kewei Yang Chairman and CEO
Ning Zhu CTO
Matthew Robert Ready Vice President of Sales
Diana Zhang Vice President, General Manager, China
Peter Moran Board of directors
Andre Bouwer Vice President of Marketing
Jonathan Seelig Board of Directors
Joe Zhou Board of Directors
Barry Schiffman Board Director
Stella Jin Board of Directors
Rick Shriner Board of Directors
Michael Gray Board of Directors

August, 2009

Analogix Semiconductor raised $10M in a Series B round from Keytone Ventures, Woodside Fund, Globespan Capital Partners, Japan Asia Investment, and DCM

Analogix Semiconductor Closes $10 Million Series B-3 Funding

August, 2007

Analogix Semiconductor raised $14M in unattributed round from IDG Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners, Woodside Fund, and DCM

June, 2005

Analogix Semiconductor raised $15.4M in a Series B round from Globespan Capital Partners, Woodside Fund, DCM, and IDG Technology Venture Investment

Analogix Semiconductor Secures $15.4 Million Serier B Funding

March, 2002

Analogix Semiconductor was founded on March, 2002