software programmable interface circuits

Ambric developed a massively parallel processor array integrated circuit for high performance applications. Ambric’s parallel processor solution including a “structured object programming model” that allowed developers to...

Total money raised: $10.4M
Updated on Aug 3, 2009
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Jay Eisenlohr Founder & Executive Vice President - Marketing and Sales
Howard Bubb Chairman & CEO
Dave Nickel Vice President - Finance
Steve Frison Vice President - Software Engineering
Marc Quattromani Vice President - IC Engineering
Mike Butts Ambric Fellow
Jay Seaton Director, Operations
Joe Herbst Vice President - Marketing
Steve Sheafor Advisory Board

April, 2009

Ambric was acquired by Nethra Imaging

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November, 2007

Ambric raised unknown amount in a Series B round from OVP Venture Partners, Advanced Equities, and Fuse Capital


September, 2004

Ambric raised $10.4M in a Series A round from OVP Venture Partners and ComVentures

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Ambric raised unknown amount in seed round from Northwest Technology Ventures

Portland Business Journal