Akamai Technologies

Akamai is a leading web services provider based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is the primary player in content delivery expediting space. It was started in 1998 to use advanced computing techniques to deliver a streamlined web experience to the...

Founded in 1998
Employees: 1,000

02142 8 Cambridge Center


Phone: (877) 4-AKAMAI

Updated on Sep 30, 2013
Akamai Technologies at CrunchBase
Arthur Bilger Vice Chairman
Tom Leighton Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
George Conrades Executive Chairman
Brad Rinklin Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Kumud Kalia Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Noam Freedman Vice President of Networks & Chief Network Architect
Jim Benson Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Robert Wood Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Bill Wheaton Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Media Division
Willie Tejada Senior Vice President & General Manager, Emerging Products Division
Adam Karon Vice President, Global Services & Support
Robert Blumofe Executive Vice President, Platform Division
Mike Afergan SVP and GM Web Experience Business Unit
Michael Weider VP
Chuck Neerdaels VP of Enginering, Cloud Platforms
Melanie Haratunian Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary
Mike Stanley VP of Engineering
Pamela J. Craig Board of Directors
Martin Hannigan
Robert Hughes President, Worldwide Operations
Jim Ebzery Senior Vice President & General Manager
Mick Scully Vice President & General Manager, Carrier Products Division
Ronni Zehavi Senior Vice President & General Manager, Security Division
Jill Greenthal Board of Directors
Frederic V. Salerno Board of Directors
Martin Coyne II Board of Directors
Matt Ference
Rob Foley Sr Product Manager
Yair Greenbaum Senior TPM
Rick McConnell President of Products and Development
James Gemmell Chief Human Resources Officer
Mark Vargo Senior Vice President & General Manager, EMEA
Monte E. Ford Board of Directors
Geoffrey Moore Board of Directors
Naomi O. Seligman Board of Directors
George Conrades Chr & CEO
Paul Sagan CEO
Paul Sagan Executive, including CEO, President & COO
David Drai CTO of EMEA
Kevin Freund Chief Technologist, Media & CDN Engineering
J.D. Sherman Chief Financial Officer
Chuck Neerdaels VP of Product Strategy
Julie M.B . Bradely Vice President of Finance
Carlos Ramón Vice President & General Manager, International
Jay Parikh VP of Engineering
Robert Hughes VP of Sales, Service and Marketing
Chris Schoettle Executive Vice President
Robert Gribnau Director, Sales International
Witold Stankiewicz Software Engineer
Mridul Agarwal Leadership (Multiple) - Solutions, Sales, Services
Navin Chaddha Corporate Investor
Brain Carroll Manager
Bradley C. Kuszmaul Senior Architect
Rich Day Customer Transitions
Todd Scholl Marketing Services Manager
Luu Tran Senior Product Architect
Samuel Alba Technical Support Engineer
Shyam Desirazu Manager
Nidhi Shah
Matthew McSweeney Manager, Channel Sales, Eastern Region
Joe Waltman Business Development
David Barrett Engineering Manager
Travis Kalanick Head, P2P Initiatives
David Kenny President
John Shumway General Manager, Business Development
Steven Wolfe Pereira Director, Corporate Strategy
Curtis Chambers Senior Software Engineer
Will Koffel Senior Software Engineer
Clarissa Riggins Product Marketing Manager
Youssef Ben-Youssef Sr. Program Manager
Tammy H. Nam Director, Communications
C. Kim Goodwin Independent Director, Board of Directors
Somu Vadali Product Line Director
Andrew Arnold Sr. Media Manager
Bill Halter Board of Directors
Terry McGuire Board of Directors

November, 2012

Akamai Technologies acquired Verivue

Akamai acquires content delivery network biz Verivue

September, 2012

Akamai Technologies acquired FastSoft

Akamai Acquires FastSoft

February, 2012

Akamai Technologies acquired Blaze

Akamai Acquires Website Performance Company Blaze Software

November, 2011

Akamai Technologies acquired Cotendo for $268M

Done Deal – Akamai Buys Rival Cotendo For $268 Million

June, 2010

Akamai Technologies acquired Velocitude

Akamai Acquires Mobile Content Platform Velocitude

April, 2010

Akamai Reports All Time Single Day Peak of 3.45 Terabits Per Second

Akamai Reports All Time Single Day Peak of 3.45 Terabits Per Second on April 9

October, 2008

Akamai Technologies acquired acerno for $95M


April, 2007

Akamai Technologies acquired Red Swoosh for $15M

Payday for Red Swoosh 15 million from Akamai/

February, 2007

Akamai Technologies acquired Netli for $170M

Akamai Press Release

June, 2005

Akamai Technologies acquired Speedera Networks for $130M

Akamai Acquires Speedera Networks

September, 1999

Akamai Technologies IPO
Stock symbol: NASDAQ:AKAM

August, 1998

Akamai Technologies was founded on August, 1998